Harald Bobenhausen
Attributes: Ag d12, Sm d8, Sp d6, Str d6, Vi d6
Skills: Shooting d10, Stealth d10, Notice d6, Survival d6, Guts d6, Fighting d4, Tracking d4, Climbing d4
Charisma:-2; Pace:6; Parry:4; Toughness:9(4)
Hindrances: Curious (Major), Delusion (Speaks to his gun), Enemy (Minor)
Edges: Trademark Weapon, Level-Headed, Marksman, Alertness, Deadshot
Gear: 12mm Asgard Sniper Rifle (50/100/200, 2d10 AP2, Scope), Molecular Sword (Str+d8+d2 AP4), Light Armor(+4)

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